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CNP Analytics is
a Data Technology Company

CNP Analytics is a data technology company that helps ecommerce businesses engaged in card not present transactions and digital wallet solutions maximize the efficiency of their operational performance and make use of the most advanced technologies.

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Our cutting-edge products empower banks, digital wallets, and merchants upgrade their back-office workflow to solid, hassle-free and reliable solutions, thereby cutting costs, improving operational performance, and keeping their business compliant with external and internal rules and policy changes.

We have broad experience in creating advanced, intelligent and flexible eco-systems for all parties involved in the digital payment field. Our primary scope of interest and rich expertise is most applicable for Acquiring Institutions that use both cardless and сarded transactions, Digital Wallets, Payment Processors (PSP) and Merchants.

Let us take care of your everyday dispute resolution, fraud prevention process and policies with the best in-class advanced intelligent solutions, thereby making the management of your eCommerce portfolio hassle-free and pro-active.


With a single click of the icon, create a safe, reliable, on-demand workflow with all you merchants and 3rd parties.


Keep a clear and consolidated track record of all your performance reporting.


Manage compliance with expertise, always staying on guard and on time.

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