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Let Us Take Care of your
Everyday Dispute Resolution

We have broad experience in creating advanced, intelligent and flexible eco-systems for all parties involved in the digital payment field. Our primary scope of interest and rich expertise is most applicable for Acquiring Institutions that use both card card not present and сard present transactions, Digital Wallets, Payment Processors (PSP) and Merchants.

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CNP Analytics is a Data Technology Company

CNP Analytics is a data technology company that helps ecommerce businesses engaged in cardless transactions and digital wallet solutions maximize the efficiency of their operational performance and make use of the most advanced technologies.

Let us take care of your everyday dispute resolution, fraud prevention process and policies with the best in-class advanced intelligent solutions, thereby making the management of your eCommerce portfolio hassle-free and pro-active


With a single click of the icon, create a safe, reliable, on-demand workflow with all you merchants and 3rd parties.


Keep a clear and consolidated track record of all your performance reporting.


Manage compliance with expertise, always staying on guard and on time.

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Welcome to out
Passionate Professionals Team

We have broad experience in creating advanced, intelligent and flexible eco-systems for all parties involved in the digital payment field. Our primary scope of interest and rich expertise is most applicable for Acquiring Institutions that use both cardless and сarded transactions, Digital Wallets, Payment Processors (PSP) and Merchants.

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Before submitting your CV, make sure your profile meets our core values CV_arrow

You Are

  • Ability to work flexibly as part of a team, and to take on various tasks and positions
  • Ability to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Desire to learn and share knowledge with others
  • Self-disciplined, self-organizing, and self-motivating
  • Flexibility and open-mindedness; ability to see things from various perspectives

Most of our staff work from home, and we encourage this. In most cases, we do not make employees relocate or spend hours in traffic
to get to the office. Depending on your job position and sphere of duties, you can select the work approach that suits you best.

Regardless of your position, there are certain key work features that you can benefit from.


Our advanced technology solutions are applicable not only for our customers and partners, but for our own team members as well. You can be sure there is a best and advanced 3rd party operational and business solution in place that will make your work easier, more productive, and flexible.


You are free to set your own schedule, as long as you work with passion efficiency, and clarity, delivering on-time performance that meets our high-level of corporate standards

Current Vacancies:


Our global Analyst team is ready to welcome newcomers who can help us strengthen our dispute resolution services.

  • Resolve chargeback disputes, and create full and correct dispute cases for our clients
  • Validate necessary 3rd-party data to ensure completeness and compliance of all dispute cases with internal and external policies
  • Ensure accurate and appropriate dispute response and resolution
  • Monitor disputed transactions for possible fraudulent activity
  • Address customer service and product complaints in a timely and pro-active manner
  • High-school degree
  • Strong computer skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office
  • Experience in back office, customer service and dispute resolution is a definite advantage
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Willingness and ability to deal with a large amount of data
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Dispute Maestro

A SaaS solution that helps dispute teams organize the dispute resolution process on a completely new level. Being web-based, it provides many options for integration and further usage by teams all over the globe.

Make your dispute resolution process:

  • Quick
  • Easy to manage
  • Compliant with data control policies
  • Flexible
  • Cost effective
  • Scalable

The Dispute Maestro will help you create a dispute resolution hub
online, and establish a solid, intelligent channel of interaction
with your customers.

Cost cut

Win rate

Decrease of Fines
and Penalties



CNP Intelligence

We have a broad range of expertise in many aspects of the dispute and fraud resolution process that you can take advantage of. CNP Intelligence services can help you understand the possible risks and fraud issues associated with various sales/consumer categories, outline obvious scenarios and trends, in order to help you prepare and work out a pro-active strategy.

Portfolio and Industry Insights. Keep your eye on your business and all the relevant market trends and events.

  • Merchant segmentation
  • Market assessment
  • Trends and cases analytical reports
  • Policy and Rules application repor1ts

Rich Data









“Business and Technology partnerships is a backbone of our success.”

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